The First Amendment and human rights educators at 1791 DELEGΛTES craft educational products that are non-partisan, academically rigorous, and constitutionally sound. We use plain language to make legal concepts accessible and relevant. Our publications are aesthetically compelling and accessible to a variety of learning styles. Most importantly, we produce inclusive materials by and for diverse stakeholders, ensuring that our products are anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and multicultural.


The First Amendment and human rights educators at 1791 DELEGΛTES craft timely and timeless research to illuminate contemporary moral and legal conflicts. We meaningfully contribute to scholarly and policy discourses while educating the public about how to protect the rights of every person, including those with whom they disagree.


We have found that “palms up and open” is an unhealthy disposition for leaders to take when fundraising. By cultivating an institution’s self-worth, 1791 DELEGΛTES equips leaders to making firm strong handshakes of partnership with philanthropic investors. This confidence is partially born from leaders understanding the language of money and to see how their unique contributions manifest their supporters’ deepest-held values.


As strategic planners, 1791 DELEGΛTES empowers leaders in emerging to established organizations with the necessary skills and resources to craft inspiring and realistic objectives. We help them earn trust with diverse stakeholders and train their teams to articulate shared values and measurable milestones to achieve that which no one person can do alone.