Civic Education for the Common Good

1791 Delegates is a nonprofit public charity named after the year the Bill of Rights was ratified. Our delegation of First Amendment and human rights educators develop legal literacy and education-technology programs, provide executive leadership for nonprofits, and design philanthropic initiatives.

Tiffany Brackens

Community Engagement Coordinator

Earl Chavez


Brenda Graycarek

Bookkeeper, QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

Dr. Edwin J. Greenlee, Esq.

Senior Delegate,

Brittany R. King

E-Learning Specialist

Dr. Debra L. Mason

Senior Delegate

Brendan McCoy

Bookkeeper, McCoy Advising

Obtain Infotech

Web Developer

Dr. Erik Owens

Senior Delegate

Ayoub Saidi


Dr. Kate Soules

Senior Delegate

Meet Beatrice

Beatrice Barjon is a clerk at 1791 Delegates, where she works as a First Amendment educator. She develops online educational programming pertaining to the history and contemporary developments of law and religion in the United States. She is a Sophomore at Jefferson University, where she majors in law and society.

Meet Earl

I am currently a senior at Rutgers University, Camden pursuing a dual major in Health Science and Psychology. I have a background in retail as I have worked as a sales associate for various companies over six years. I have also worked as a medical billing clerk for a large Rheumatology practice for nearly a year. When I am not working or doing school work, I am a competitive weightlifter and Crossfit athlete.

Meet Pavi

I am a part of the BS/DO 7-year medical program in conjunction with Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine.  After medical school, I aspire to be a surgeon. Currently, I am a senior pre-medical student majoring in biology at Rutgers University, Camden. 

In my spare time, I volunteer at Cooper Hospital as a Patient Services Representative. In this position, I serve as a liaison between the patient and their family and the hospital staff as I guide them through the hospital check-in procedure and to their appointment.  

I also work at Jumpstart, an AmeriCorps organization, to help children in Camden schools improve their literacy skills by teaching them in an after-school program. I am quite fond of working with children after the eight years of experience I have as a volunteer at Piscataway Public Libraries. At this facility, I co-teach art and technology classes for special needs children in kindergarten through fifth grade. 

I also enjoy learning new things, whether it be science-related or not. This was one reason why I am learning American Sign Language (ASL) and assist with the annual ASL programs for children in Piscataway. Overall, I enjoy helping others and aspire to serve people in any way I can.

Meet Jahnvi

I’m a recent graduate from Rutgers University. I majored in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Law and Legal Studies. I am currently in the process of studying for the LSATS and working on Law School applications. My goal career wise is to practice medical malpractice or corporate law. 

I have interned for Senator Nilsa Perez-Cruz in the Fifth Legislative District and I was a legal intern for the New Jersey Superior Courts. 

I managed my campus obligations in the Honors College by volunteering in the Camden community and in the Sigma Delta Tau sorority by raising money for Prevent Child Abuse in America, Jewish Women International, and The Sigma Delta Tau Foundation. 

In addition, I worked as a server and was a full-time student being placed on academic credit overload every semester to graduate with my bachelors in three years rather than four.